We Are here to help you get down the track and have fun

Peyton Racing got started many years ago. I grew up in a body shop and going racing on the weekends with my father. I grew up with the passion for cars at a young age, growing up watching my father have many and I mean many hot rods. I remember that great feeling of getting picked up or dropped off at school in a rough idling great looking hot rod. Then he passed the torch to me. He helped me obtain some really nice rides that were just amazing to look at. Most of them came from a small hometown body shops owned by my father. I learned that it did not take the best of the best to make things happen. It was about how hard you were willing to work to get the results you wanted.

Now my wonderful wife and I have two young boys into Jr Dragsters who love the sport and want to keep getting better and better. So, after being in the sport for a little while, I wanted to get them more involved. We would like to turn this into a more full-time job than just a hobby. So, my two boys will be helping fulfill orders and help with the business. We are here to help you with your drag racing needs.

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